PTU 03 – Electrolysis Bikini and Underarm Probing Pad


The unique Electrolysis Bikini and Underarm Probing Pad fully demonstrates the hair growth pattern found in these intimate areas.

  • The TLT Probing Pad can be used on the stand provided or placed over the clothing of a live model.

  • Simple and easy to use when mounted on the stand for skin entry practise.

  • When removed from the pad and placed over clothing this allows the learner to position the client, their equipment and themselves, whilst working in these areas of the body.

  •  A definite confidence enhancer when working in these intimate areas, prior to working with electrical current onto the client’s skin.

  • Accuracy and confidence when probing these delicate areas is crucial to reduce client discomfort.

  • Affordable for the learners to purchase for home use

A must have for the modern classroom, especially with the current restrictions and social distancing.

Product ordering

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