Tilly Head appreciates that to succeed in the therapy industry quality training is key. The Tilly Head and PTU range is designed to enhance professional education and classroom management.

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The UNIQUE benefits our PTU product range offers the modern therapy classroom are:

Unlimited Uses

  • Versatile products that can fit into any training setting

  • Our products are durable and hard wearing, suitable for all levels of therapy training

  • The Tilly Head forms an attachment for our range of masks multiple uses, offering a life like range of movement

New Normal

  • Provides an excellent training aid that supports social distancing and the reliance on live practice models or peer modelling

  • Learners can use the Tilly Head and PTU range at home supporting practice and skills development

  • Learners take control of their learning to prevent falling behind with their studies

  • Excellent addition to the learner kit allowing learners to develop their practical skills and learn new techniques

  • An asset for many learners who have differing circumstances, which can hinder personal growth and development

Innovative Products

  • Cost effective as lower priced consumables can be used on the Tilly Head and PTU range, saving ongoing costs for educators, colleges, and training schools by substituting professional salon product ranges

  • Substituting cheaper materials from traditionally higher priced cosmetics educators can be confident that using these materials will not cause risk to willing participants

  • Our products are sturdy yet light to transport

Quality Assured

  • All our product range is hand made in the UK by a medical manufacturing company

  • Quality control of our products as we use medical grade materials

  • Greater viability of working conditions with a naturally occurring reduction in delivery times.

Universal Language

  • Our Tilly Head & PTU range has no language barrier

  • Suitable for learners at all skills sets

  • Excellent demonstration tool without the need for words and lengthy explanation

Engaging Learners

  • Confidence knowing that every learner is fully engaged at every lesson

  • Higher levels of learner engagement reducing dropout

  • Engaging attendance, decreased disruption, allowing for a more focused classroom

  • Supports classroom management for both tutors and learners through experiential learning