Cleaning the Tilly Head Make-up Masks PTU 4,5 & 6

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Cleaning the Tilly Head Make-up Masks PTU 4, 5 & 6

Internationally acclaimed professional make-up artiste and tutor Jennifer Lenard is a great advocate of the Tilly Head, PTU make-up masks and the full PTU range.

Jennifer is continuously exploring new designs, trialling new products on the PTU make-up masks, and has shared some of her effective cleaning tips.

Cleaning the Tilly Head make-up masks when using them for:

General Makeup

  • Warm water with washing up liquid

  • Wet wipes

  • Surgical Spirit

  • Avoid using products with high pigment as these will stain


  • IPA

  • Hand sanitizer

  • PRO cleaner, which is an oil-based product make-up artiste use to remove glue

  • Baby oil

Working with strong colours

  • When working with strong colours such as red, apply Derma Shield to the mask first to prevent staining the mask.

  • Derma Shield will protect the silicone from absorbing these strong colours.

  • If the mask has discolouration from a strong colour such as red, use shaving foam which will remove the discolouration.

Adding Hair to the Tilly Make-up mask

  • Apply Prozade prosthetic glue to the make-up mask and then add hair such as beards

  • To cleanse and remove the hair after use simply use prosthetic remover with a warm flannel.

“The Tilly Head and full range of PTUs are made to a high specification and built to last.”

Jennifer Lenard