PTU Handling & Storage Guide

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Handling and Storing the TLT Tilly Head & PTU range.

The TLT Tilly Head and PTU range is designed as an enhancement to training, ensuring your learners are fully engaged right from the start.

The TLT Tilly Head and PTU range are lifelike and should be handled with care, we advise that they are ideally stored in the specifically designed TLT PTU Storage bag.

The TLT Tilly Head and PTU range should be handled in the same way that you would a live model with the utmost care, whilst their primary use is for learners to perfect their treatment application, gain confidence and learn new techniques, the TLT PTUs also encourage the learner to establish the same level of client dignity as they would a live model.

When using the TLT PTU Hands or Feet for nail services:

  • The fingers and toe bed can be used for manicure and pedicure treatments, however, when perfecting nail polish, gel polish or artificial nail techniques, a false nail tip MUST always be applied to the nail bed, as acetone and nail polish remover MUST NOT be used directly onto the TLT PTU as this will cause damage.

  • The fingers and toes should not be over-extended as this could cause them damage as with a live model this would cause them discomfort.

Use of Products and Equipment:

Expensive salon products are wasted on the TLT Tilly Head and PTU range as unlike a live model the TLT PTUs are not organic and do not have an allergenic skin. Therefore:

  • Changes to the skin’s condition post treatment will not be evident as you would expect to see on a live model.

  • A less expensive non-professional product can be used to cleanse the TLT PTU’s as a substitute to the cleansing products that would normally be acceptable for use on human skin.

  • For demonstration and practice purposes, exfoliating scrubs and masks can be used directly onto the TLT PTU surface without causing damage

  • Simple warm soapy water will also be effective to cleanse the TLT PTU.

  • We recommend the use of anti-bacterial wipes before and after each use to reduce the risk of cross infection.

Use of Electrical Equipment:

  • When carrying out electrical facials on the TLT Tilly Head, the current can be On or Off.

  • If the current is ON this will have no physical effects to the TLT Tilly Head, however, if having the current ON instils confidence in the learner when using the equip­ment then there is a benefit, but we would advise that the current is switched OFF whilst working with the TLT Tilly Head.

  • The Electrolysis Probing Mask, Underarm and Bikini Probing Pad are excellent tools for the learner to perfect their probing techniques. There is no benefit in the current being used and therefore we advise the current is switched OFF whilst working with the probing materials.

Make-up Masks

  • When using the TLT PTU Make-up Masks you should ensure that the Velcro ties on the masks are used correctly and not over-extended as this can cause damage to the mask.