PTU 04/05/06 – TLT Make up Masks


The PTU make-up masks fit onto the Tilly Head with velcro straps to support. The unique design of the Tilly Head can be used freestanding allowing for ease of use when applying make-up alternatively the Tilly Head can be positioned on a chair or couch.

The PTU make-up masks acting as a human face, are lifelike and designed to refine the skill of applying make-up and comes in three skin tones light, medium, and dark.

The unique design of the PTU make-up mask makes it compatible with products and prosthetics for learners working at all levels of make-up application.

As educators we all face the scenario where learners refuse to remove their make-up for peers to practice their application technique, and now with social distancing the PTU make-up masks engages all learners without compromise.

The PTU Make-up Masks enable learners to:

  • Develop creativity, design images and perfect skills

  • Demonstrate ability to apply make-up with precision

  • Creating exciting day, evening, special occasion and bridal make-up techniques to suit clients fashion flair and design brief

  • Create a lifelike mood board

  • A useful addition to their portfolio of evidence for potential employers

  • Showcase or display their skills demonstrating achievements when working on intricate techniques

  • Experiment working on different skin tones that might not be available to learners at each practical make-up session

  • Develop the advance make-up application techniques for theatrical, photographic and media make-up.

  • Excellent for the application of prosthetics, airbrushing, stencilling, animation, and injuries together with the normal range of cosmetics.

  • Using the PTU Make-up Mask as a prop when interpreting a brief, developing skills and intricate designs, perfecting before translating onto a live model.

The PTU Make-up Masks are a must have addition to the kit of any learner serious about a career in the make-up industry, especially with the current restrictions and social distancing.

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Light, Medium, Dark

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