PTU 02 Electrolysis Probing Mask


The Electrolysis Probing Mask is a must have tool that will revolutionise your training, designed to clip onto the Tilly Head providing a realistic working form for treatment application.

The most challenging obstacle for any learners studying Electrolysis is the feeling of entering the skin with a needle.

The Electrolysis Probing Mask has the resilience and texture of skin and the unique design of the mask follicles gives the same resistance found when probing a hair follicle on a client, allowing learners to perfect their probing skills and current control before working on live models, reducing the risk of white ring burning and scarring.

The Electrolysis Probing Mask is an excellent tool, enabling learners to perfect their probing techniques by:

  • When clipped onto the Tilly Head and positioned in the same way a client would be this supports client and treatment area preparation.

  • Helping needle phobic learners overcome any nerves or apprehensions.

  • Gain confidence with accurate probing techniques

  • Supporting learners develop the skills required and customer reassurance when performing electrolysis.

  • Provides an excellent aid for the intricate skills required for micro-needling to build confidence and dexterity.

The benefits to the learners:

  • The Electrolysis Probing Mask has a life like skin texture.

  • The hair follicles found on the Electrolysis Probing Mask have varying size openings and density as found on a live model, increasing their ability to improve their facial probing techniques and gain confidence

A must have for the modern classroom, especially with the current restrictions and social distancing.


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