PTU 07 – Tilly Head Make-up Starter Pack


The PTU Make-up Starter Pack is a must have addition to the learner kit of anyone serious about a career in the make-up industry.


  • PTU1 Tilly Head

  • PTU4 TLT Light Make-up Mask

  • PTU5 TLT Medium Make-up Mask

  • PTU6 TLT Dark Make-up Mask

  • TLT Deluxe Tilly Head Storage Bag (Free)

This range of PTU products support learners working at all levels of make-up including theatrical and media make-up.

  • Supports social distancing
  • Encourages creativity and adventurous make-up application
  • Reduces the need for live models
  • Is cost effective whilst learning treatment application techniques by subsidising expensive professional salon products with non-professional cost effective products
  • Ensures every learner is fully engaged at every lesson
  • Encourages learners to learn new things and perfect their skills

A must have for the modern classroom, especially with the current restrictions and social distancing.

Product ordering

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