Beauty Therapy Training



“As part of our commitment to ensure our learners receive the best experience and resources we added to our training resources with the Tilly Head range it’s provided brilliant resources for our modern and flexible approach to Beauty Training all through lockdown.“

Edinburgh School of Beauty

The Tilly Head & PTU’s (Practical Therapy Units)

Tilly Head and PTUs provide the perfect solution.

Effective in tailoring the learning experience to facilitate changing classroom requirements in-line with social distancing.

Lifelike in both texture and range of movement. Versatile, durable and hard wearing.

Cost effective, improving classroom management by keeping learners fully engaged.

Suitable for learners of all ages and skills levels.

Reduces reliance on other methods that are impractical in today’s Beauty Therapy learning environment as we adjust to our ‘New Normal’.

Manufactured in the UK using medical grade materials.

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