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The Tilly Head - PTU 17 Make-up Introductory Pack



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Top Professional Make-up Artiste and tutor Jennifer Lennard says about the Tilly range "Tilly is an amazing teaching aid for tutors and students to work out  make-up designs. The Tilly make-up masks are essential for practising techniques, face painting, SFX fashion make-up, fantasy make-up. I use the Tilly head to demo measuring for a bald cap and a wig. Tilly's make-up masks have a fantastic range of skin tones to work on. I am very impressed with the Tilly Head and all of the PTUs especially the make-up masks and would not be without them in my classroom.”

The original TLT PTU range benefits from ongoing research and development as we update and extend our range of PTUs, in line with new treatments and qualifications to meet the advances in technology.

The VTCT endorsed PTUs streamline the learning process and benefits the learners by:

  • Enabling the learner to perfect skills and services.
  • Building confidence, which significantly reduces training time and fully engages the learners throughout every practical session.
  • Providing access to learners of all levels, ages and skills sets to the world of Beauty Therapy.
  • Bridging the gap between theory and the practical application of those theories on models.

Colleges find TLT PTU’s to be:

  • Cost effective and beneficial to their Recruitment, Retention and Achievement figures.
  • Helpful, improving classroom management by keeping learners engaged.
  • Supportive, enabling greater group interaction with full tutor support.
  • Effective in tailoring the learning experience to facilitate changing classroom requirements, which gives tutors greater flexibility.

Make-up Introductory Pack

Contains 1 * PTU 1, plus one of each mask PTU 4, 5, 6

Promo pack price £195

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Jennifer Lennar


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